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The medical world is changing every day. Researchers find reasons behind our ailments, cures, and improvements. It can often be difficult to keep up with medical news. So, I've put I've put here, for you, the news you will want to hear. Thank you to The Doctor's Guide to the Internet for most of these articles, unless it marked with a *, meaning that I wrote it. Articles are indexed by subject. I just got to the point where trying to put them all on one page looked bad, but it looks puny having them on their own pages. *sigh* No one's perfect. Just give me a bit of time to beef it out. Enjoy!

HIV/AIDS Down's Syndrome heart disease/failure
multiple sclerosis epilepsy Lou Gehrig's disease (ALS)
arthritis asthma/allergies cancer
stroke diabetes Alzheimer's
Parkinson's disease migraines drugs/medication/treatments/tests
cystic fibrosis skin problems/diseases/disorders


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