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I have searched far and wide for the best medical links, all without leaving my chair in front of the computer! Here are the fruits of my labor. Please report any down or broken links. Enjoy!

E Medicine: the mother of all medical site, E Medicine is a collection of on-line medical textbooks. Not much to look at, but you won't find more information anywhere else

HELIX: I haven't fully explored yet, but there are some great lectures (audio) here you might want to see

On-Line Medical Dictionary: an excellent dictionary of those words you never really knew

Virtual ER: a gold mine of information. I strongly recommend this site-- one of my favorites

Frontiers in Clinical Genetics

National Institutes of Health: a good source of everything. Includes a search engine to help you find what you need

National Heart, Lung, and Blood Institute: difficult unless you know exactly what you're looking for, but good information

National Cancer Institute: up-to-date information in both technical and non-technical languages

The Journal of the American Medical Association: very good medical information and a lot of it on the newest stuff

Surgical Resource Network: info for those going under the knife and the ones holding it

Pharmaceutical Information Network: information most any kind of medication or drug

The Journal of Clinical Investigation: the newest clinical studies and information on them

The National Institute of Diabetes and Digestive and Kidney Diseases: again, know exactly what you're looking for

MedStudent: mostly in Portuguese, but what has been translated is good stuff

The Merck Manuals: one of the greatest source I've found of medical information. Not the full version, but a lot of it

National Institute on Drug Abuse: information for drug abusers and their families the Physician's Desk Reference home on the internet. Must be a member to access information

The Emergency Medicine and Primary Care Home Page: a little bit difficult to navigate, be rewarding for those who are internet-savy

National Institutes of General Medical Sciences: good information for people considering entering the medical field

The Lancet: on-line publishing's from the medical journal The Lancet

Vesalius: a lot of good visuals here for those studying anatomy

New England Journal Of Medicine: the latest in medical news

Clinical Studies at NIH: information on current and past studies conducted at NIH

National Human Genome Research Institute: information on the project to map the human DNA strand

Mental Health Net: great stuff for all you future shrinks

National Eye Institute: information on-- you guessed it!-- eyes

National Institute on Aging: want to know about what you get to look forward to? This is the place

The Sleep Medicine Home: you spend one third or more of your life sleeping. Don't you want to know about what you're doing all that time?

United States National Library of Medicine

American Medical Association


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